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lay lady lay

I am now 53 and my only daughter is currently in 12th grade. Next year she is going to college and we all know this means........... $$$$$$$$$$$! So, it is time to part with this, the only piece that I have left of my "infamous" past. Maybe it will bring some joy and interest to someone else. Check EBAY for the listing.

Just to catch your attention (as if this alone is not enough). My father died in 1959 (my mothers first husband.) My natural father John Brandt was an art director at Walt Disney studio at the time of his death. He died of complications of being a "blue baby"...... see the movie "something god made" with Alan Rickman. This will explain the heart problems of a "blue baby and how it was finally conquered by medical science (namely by a white doctor and his African American assistant.) .
My mother then married Bruce Dorfman also an artist and at the time of this book's release was one of Bob Dylans closest friends and confidant (1969). Only a few years after my mother commits suicide (i am in 10th grade at this time). The Dylans had moved to their town house in Greenwich Village on McDougal st. hoping to get more privacy by blending into the millions of residents of NYC..........

I grew up in Woodstock, NY during the 60s. Most fans of BOB DYLAN know he lived there at this time and in fact, he was my neighbor. Bob was at my house all the time as our families constantly socialized ( almost exclusively. If you have seen the movie "GOODFELLAS" you may know what i am talking about ;-) . I guess this would be the best time to tell you all about Woodstock in the 60s and what is was like growing up there with the Dylan as our neighbors, and everything that happened to me during this infamous and tumultuous time. I have NEVER spoken about this, and at the time, I really couldn't because of knowing that any mention of the Dylans could ruin their privacy. As a pre-adolescent and adolescent for that matter one could imagine how hard it was not to brag or tell your friends that you knew and were close friends with the most famous man in the country. As I write this I let out a big sigh as ALL my connections with the past are almost dreams. Dreams that I truly loved and felt safe in. Now with the exclusion of this signed song book, I finally have to face the fact of owning myself and not identifying with my illustrious past. My life till now (post and pre Woodstock) has been an extreme roller coaster ride with A LOT of amazing experiences that parallel the past dreams and my days growing up in Woodstock. Through this auction (sale, actually), I will take the opportunity to tell you everything (hoping you will take some interest in my story LOL ;-).

MORE................ Just to verify all this, you can read about Dylan, Woodstock, and the bus stop I am referring to in Howard Sounes incredibly well researched biography of Bob Dylan DOWN THE HIGHWAY. Much of my story starts on pg. 219 of the chapter COUNTY WAYS. I am the older brother of LISA who is mentioned here. She subsequently turned out to be little Maria's best friend. Howard Sounes evidently interviewed my adoptive father Bruce for much of this chapter of Bobs life...........


I lived about 1/4 mile from my local grade school bus stop. One afternoon when the bus dropped us kids off (there were only about 3-4 kids at any given time), I noticed this little girl who was all alone. She was in first grade, I was in 6th. Well, that particular day, she was in tears. Even though her house was only a few hundred yards from the bus stop, there was always a car there to pick her up. This time there wasn't and her and I were the only two kids that the bus dropped off after school that day. When she saw me sobbing she asked if I would walk her home. Now keep in mind, I was a shy and somewhat scared kid (which I will re-visit with you later). I lived on WEBSTER road which was parallel to the road she lived on. All of The actual bus stop was in front of the BYRDCLIFF OPERA HOUSE and the VILETTA INN. . All of this were in "stones throw" of each other. ANYWAY..........I DIGRESS ;-)............
This little girl was begging and pleading with me to walk her home. Again, remember that I was a shy and frightened kid in my own right (even though I was 6yrs older). So, the thought of this was a big imposition to my sheltered world. Nonetheless, this little girl tearfully convinced me to walk her home. Now, I was so overwhelmed that this took me from my routine of just getting from point A to point B (the bus stop to my home), when we were about 100 ft. from her house I asked her to walk the rest of the way by herself. We could see her house so I knew she would be safe. I knew I could make a "b" line straight through the woods to the safety of my own home. Of course in retrospect I should have walked her the extra hundred feet. As it turned out, this little girl was Maria Lounds, hence Maria Dylan.
She was Bob's oldest daughter, Sara Dylan's first child by Hans Lounds. Bob did officially adopt her soon after. Since she and my sister were in the same 1st grade class, they became "two peas in a pod".
Soon after them becoming best friends I began to see Bob and his family around my house all the time. We picnicked together, played basket ball, and socialized all the time. The Dylans had become a clan! In other words Bob and Sara had become a huge family. By the end of his so called Woodstock days, they had a total of 5 children. When I would walk into their kitchen all of the kids would almost attack me yelling "johnny"! They would grab and hug my legs like I was the pied piper or something. I did (unknowingly) seem to have a way with young children. Some sort of magnetism in that they were all drawn to me knowing that I could relate to them and they to me. Actually, I had this same kind of relationship with "adults" ........ keep in mind at the time I was still an adolescent.........

To be continued (and sorry, it is OBVIOUS i need an editor........but, THANK GOD FOR SPELL CHECK! ;-)

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